Guangzhou Cleaning-spray Equipment Co., Ltd is one of leading company in China specialized in manufacturing and selling tank cleaning nozzles, industrial spray nozzles and other spray product which are widely used in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Beverage and other industries. We can provide you with optimal solution according to working condition.

Our company was founded in 2010, having registered capital of 6 million yuan, covering 2,000 square meters, located in Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province.
The quality of product is the foundation of our company, the professional service is our purpose, and the integrity first is our faith. In the field of the tank cleaning, spray cleaning, surface treatment, cooling and humidifying, spray drying and other fields, our company can provide you the best technical solutions.
Our company’s main products: Tank washing nozzles, Air atomizing nozzles, Air nozzles, Full cone nozzles, Flat fan nozzles, Hollow cone nozzles, Solid stream nozzles, Solid stream nozzles, Fountain nozzle, Spray Drying nozzles, Agriculture spray nozzle, Sprinkler gun and accessories.
Our company’s main customers: Hisun Pharmaceutical; GLM2; Consen Pharmaceuticals; Zhejiang Canaan; Chengdu BIO-YD; Jiangsu Gongtang; Xilong Scientific; Robust;  Newamstar ; Coconut Palm ;Tech-Long; Dinghu shanquan and other Chinese customers and many others.
Our company undertakes a variety of spray cleaning, spray cooling system
● Industrial hydrosphere mixed atomization nozzle system: Spraying dust suppression system, spray system;
● industrial conventional spray system: industrial strong cold air device, humidification anti-static device, humidification dust removal equipment, FRP cooling tower spray system, greenhouse spray system, mining spray system, coal mine dusting system;
● plant cooling and humidification system: outdoor air-conditioning cooling, paper mills and humidification equipment, electronics factory humidification, steel plant humidification dust, air-conditioning spray cooling system, anti-static spray humidifier, cooling equipment, cooling fan, removable spray equipment;
●custom-made spray rod: self-cleaning spray rod, automatic brush-type spray lever, spray lever to move;
● Steel and metallurgy industrial rolling lubrication cooling system: roll cooling, water cooling device. And provide improved design optimization;

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Our products, our employees, and our attitude to business are based on the highest standards for measuring the scale, we determined to provide customers with quality assurance of quality products, better and more professional services and strong technical solutions! Welcome to learning more about cleaning techniques and methods! We are determined to provide customers with professional and professional services, provide strong technical support! Choosing Cleaning-spray is your right choice!

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