D38 self rotating rotary spray balls

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D38 1" BSPP thread rotary spray ball



Model D38 rotary spray ball
Material 316LSS 
Connection 3/4" , 1" , 1 1/4" Slip-on or 1 1/2" welding
Recommanded pressure 1.5-3 bar
Temperature 130°
Max. tank diameter 3.5m 
Application rinsing and cleaning of tanks / containers
Filteration Line strainer with a mesh size of 0,3 mm/50 mesh

cip rotating balls design features :

1. Double bearing design with excellent rotation effects, and better stability and longer life bearing

2. Self-cleaning self-lubricating design

3. 360 degree self-rotating cleaning nozzle, cleaning every place of your containers

4. Low consumption of liquid, operating at low pressure

5. Driven and lubricated by the cleaning fluid

6. The compact and hygienic design meets requirements for use in CIP system



cip roaty spray balls common application:

  •  Soup kettles
  •  Yeast propagation tanks
  •  Batch processing vessels
  •  Ink and paint mixing vats
  •  Fluid bed dryers
  •  Brew kettles
  • Storage tanks
  • Spray dryers
  • Commercial ovens

e.g: in food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry


cip spary balls




roating spray balls performance Data







KLY spray balls manufacturer D38 rotary spray heads are used to rinse and clean tank to 3m diameter.



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