barrel cleaning equipment,360 tank cleaning nozzle

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barrel cleaning equipment,3D 360 rotating tank cleaning nozzles


High efficient rotating tank cleaning nozzle



Model DG2 3D rotating tank cleaning nozzle
Material 316L SS
Max. tank diameter  2m
Operating pressure 5-20Bar
Tempreture range 95°
Installation Operation in every direction is possible

Cleaning and rinsing of large tanks

i.e. chemical industry,drink and food industry.  


360 spray tank nozzles design feature:

  • Very high cleaning performance already at low pressure
  • Driven and lubricated by the cleaning fluid
  • Systematically cleans the entire tank interior(360°)
  • Robust, low-maintenance stainless steel construction
  • 100% thoroughly clean,every time
  • Optimized structural design makes water jet with greater impact
  • Excellent seal design, only 1% leakage of water
  • Designed with a separate gearbox,uneasy to get clogging

Programmed rotation machines:

The cleaning fluid drives via the turbine an internal gear reducer that keeps the sprayer turning in two planes.
In the course of spraying cycle, the jets sweep the entire inside surface of the tank according to the preprogrammed, model-specific pattern.
This takes a certain amount of time, but these models generate the highest jet pressures (= force of impact) and are therefore ideal for very large tanks and the toughest of cleaning tasks.


The standard machine configuration uses two or four nozzles to blast the tank walls and rinse all surfaces. In operation, the unit has to run for the cycle time between on type 8 and 12 min depending on type and pressure. This ensures full cleaning. For extremely difficult applications the cleaning time might have to be extend.


barrel cleaning equipment application:

DG2 tank cleaning nozzle is suitable for 3D cleaning of small containers, such as oak barrels, beer barrels, 200L iron drums, etc. It is commonly used in beer industry, wine industry, beverage industry, and where a high cleaning performance is required.



Product Photos:

High efficient rotating tank cleaning nozzle


Performance data:

High efficient rotating tank cleaning nozzle


Dimensions of DG5 tank cleaning nozzle:

High efficient rotating tank cleaning nozzle





Cleaning cycle:

High efficient rotating tank cleaning nozzle


Application of DG2 360 spray rotary jet head:

High efficient rotating tank cleaning nozzleHigh efficient rotating tank cleaning nozzle



Cleaning effect:


High efficient rotating tank cleaning nozzle

360 spray nozzle manufacturer ,barrel cleaning equipment

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